Sunday, June 21, 2015

Edible Shade Garden

Sunday, June 21, 2015

If you don’t get the 6-12 hours of full sun that many vegetables and herbs thrive in, doesn’t mean you can’t grow any vegetables or herbs.  They may not get as big or full as those grown in full sun, but they will grow!

Here is a list of herbs and vegetables that can grow in different levels of sunlight.  
2-4 hours of sun herbs
*Anise hyssop
*Lemon balm
*Sweet woodruff
*Wild ginger

2-4 hours of sun vegetables
*Asian greens such as bok choy and tatsoi
*Mesclun greens
*Mustard greens
*Snap peas
*Swiss chard

4-5 hours of sun vegetables
*Beans-bush and dwarf types
*Green onions
*Micro greens
*Potted lemon
*Peas-bush and dwarf types
*Alpine strawberries

Watch how the sun travels through your garden and plant in the areas that get the most full sun and dappled sun.  To increase the light that your plants get, trim up trees, plant against a white wall, use reflective mulch.  

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