Saturday, July 27, 2013

Staple crops for the Midwest

Butternut squash
Saturday, July 27, 2013

I read recently in Mother Earth News a listing of staple crops good for the different areas of the country.  Here is what they recommended for the Midwest:
Cabbage-’Early Flat Dutch’, ‘Winningstadt’
Collards-’Green Glaze’, ‘Variegate’
Dry beans-‘Black Turtle’, ‘Kebrika’
Grain corn-‘Neal’s Paymaster’, ‘Reid’s Yellow Dent’
Kale-‘Red Russian’, ‘Vates’
Peanuts-‘Carwile’s VA’, ‘Schonce’s Deep Black’
Potatoes-‘Purple Viking’, ‘Red Pontiac’
Sweet potatoes-‘Covington’, ‘Jewel’
Wheat-‘Red Lammas’
Winter squash-‘Tahitian Melon’, ‘Waltham Butternut’

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