Monday, April 17, 2017

Planted this week end

Planted nasturtium seeds with the peas in our pots
Monday, April 17, 2017

It is finally time for the warm season crops in our neck of the woods!

I sowed directly in the garden runner beans (Scarlet and Golden Sunshine with chartreuse foliage), shelling beans (Fort Portal Jade and Good Mother Stollard), flat podded green beans (purple ones-Purple Podded and Blauhilde and green-Romano II), lima beans (King of the Garden).

You get a much quicker sprouting by soaking for an hour or two before planting.  It is important to coat beans and peas with inoculant.  The inoculant attaches to the roots, boosting the productivity of the vine or bush.  I just added the inoculant to water and soaked our bean seeds for an hour or so and then directly planted into the garden around decorative trellises.

Decorative trellises with pole beans planted
I also planted nasturtiums in our pots.  I planted a variety-one with variegated foliage, Empress, and Alaskan.  The peas I planted a few weeks ago in the pots have sprouted.  I planted short vines so they will overhang the pot and can use the center for our pepper plants.   I do peppers in  pots because it seems they do the best in pots for me.

The potatoes are loving this weather and their potato boxes!  Hubby is watering them regularly when we don't get rain and they appreciate it.  Will need to add another round soon.

Potato boxes with very happy potatoes!

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