Sunday, March 12, 2017

Started seeds indoors this week end!

Aerogarden after 2 weeks
Saturday, March 11, 2017

Started seeds this week end indoors!  It is not quite time for the summer fav's.........

I started seeds for the plants that thrive in cool weather.  In addition to the ones that I am planting in this year's garden, you can also start broccoli, cauliflower cabbage, kale, and onions.  I am staying away from the broccoli family this year because I have had problems with beetles the last two years.  Skipping a year should really cut back their numbers.  I just love sprouting broccoli and kale for salads and smoothies!  If the beetles die out, I may be able to plant them in the fall.  We shall see......

I get great germination rates using my Aerogarden, a hydroponic system.  You can easily start seeds in peat pods or seed starting mix, keep moist and put in a warm spot.  Just be sure the growing medium you use is sterile to reduce disease.   See Indoor seed starting tips for more on how to start seeds indoors.

What I sowed indoors this week end: 
Beets-Chiogga (65 days to harvest) All about beautiful beets
Brussel sprouts-Red Rubine (harvest in the fall)
Carrot-Gniff and Cosmic Purple (50-80 days)  Grow crunchy, colorful carrots practically year round
Celery-Utah (75 days)  Give celery a try, an easy to grow garden staple
Chard-Verde de Taglio, Bright Lights, Rainbow Neon Glow, Fordhook Giant, Golden (60 days)
For year round steamed greens, grow chard!
Chervil (40 days) Make your own fragrant herbal body oil
Cilantro-Slo Bolt (40-60 days)  Start a kitchen herb garden!
Dandelion-Red Italian (65 days)  Grow Cultivated Dandelions
Dill- Bouquet, Dukat, Grandma Einck's (70 days for foliage, 90 days for seeds)
Dwarf Moringa-small tree with high protein leaves
Hibiscus-Roselle Red (90 days from seed)
Mustard-Red Giant (40 days)
Oregano-Wild Zaatar from Israel/Jordan  Make your own "Herbes de Provence"
Radish Singara Rat's Tail (50-60 days)
Sage-Blue Monday, Salvia Sirius Blue (50-60 days to bloom)
Spinach-Long Standing, Perpetual, Oriental Giant, Spiros, Teton, New Zealand, Bordeaux (40-52 days)
Grow spinach-a super nutritious, easy green
Strawberry-Regina (60-85 days)  Back yard strawberries  Fruit for small spaces
Turnip-Purple-Top White Globe and Golden Globe (55 days)  All about turnips
Tyfon (30-40 days)

I'll start the summer, heat lovers in a couple more weeks like cucumber, squash, zucchini, peppers, eggplant, peppers, okra, basil and flowers.

Next week end, I will direct sow my peas (I love growing snow peas for salads), potatoes, lettuce and more spinach.

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