Saturday, March 8, 2014

What edibles can you grow indoors?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

If you don’t have the room to grow edibles outside, you can grow some indoors.

One of the powerhouses for nutrition are sprouts.  These are so easy to grow.  There are all kinds of seed sprouting kits out there.  The one I have that I really like is 3 levels so you can have one that is fully sprouted that you are using with 2 in various stages of growth so you always have a ready supply of sprouts.

Microgreens are also very easy to grow indoors.  You can get variety seed packets of microgreens.  You can reuse a plastic salad container or seed flat to use as a pot.  Just add potting soil, sprinkle the seeds down as instructed on the seed packet, tamp down gently, lightly cover with more soil, water, place in a sunny window and you will have microgreens in 14-21 days.

Wheat grass is another great edible.  I put it on salads.  You can also juice it.  Wheat grass is a great alkalizer.  Today’s diet is so acidic.  Basically anything we eat besides leafy green and some other vegetables are acidic.  Your body’s blood pH must stay between 7.35-7.45; anything above 7.0 is alkaline.  Wheat grass helps balance your pH.  Wheat grass is also a purifier of the blood.  There are wheat grass growing kits too.  Or you can use an old salad tub that you fill with potting soil and grow them right in the salad tub or seedling flat.

Citrus and avocados can be grown indoors.  You will need to purchase dwarf varieties and they need good full sun.  Logee’s is a reputable on-line source for indoor tropicals.  I have a kumquat that does well indoors.  Its fruits are almost ripe.  I grew an avocado from a seed.  It does well indoors, but I have read that they will not fruit like a grafted dwarf will in a pot.

Any organic tropical fruit that has a seed is worth trying to grow indoors.  It's fun and free!  

There are several herbs that can be grown indoors-basil, celery, chives, garlic, parsley, rosemary, dwarf sage, salad burnet, scallions, and winter savory.

With a grow light or grow light system like an Aerogarden, you can also grow lettuce and tomatoes indoors.  You can grow lettuce without a grow light, just don’t expect lush plants.  Right now, you can plant lettuce outdoors in pots.  

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