Sunday, September 22, 2013

Quick tip-winning the battle with the bunnies

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I think I have finally won the epic battle of the bunnies!  They are all cute and furry and fun to look at it, but not so fun to see your broccoli getting munched to the nub. 

2 weeks later, leaves on
the broccoli again
Bunny barrier newly installed
We have rabbits that love to eat the pepper and broccoli plants in our west side flower garden.  The spray by Liquid Fence “Deer and Rabbit Repellant” works well if you start spraying as soon as you notice the little furry critters are nibbling on your veggies.  The downside of the spray is that you have to spray every time it rains.

Recently we bought some fencing that is 2’ high coated in green plastic.  We made circle hoops out of the fencing and placed one around each plant.  Success!  The broccoli and peppers are putting on leaves.

To keep the hoops from falling over, you may need to use some U shaped pins or landscape staked to secure the hoop to the ground.  If you are placing in mulched beds, just position the bottom of the hoop into the mulch.

I wasn’t sure how obtrusive the fencing would be, but even if you know it is there it is very difficult to see.  And, you only have to put it around the plant once!  Gotta like that.

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