Thursday, January 1, 2015

Make your own peat pots

Sunday,  February 1, 2015

How would you like to make your own peat pots to start your seeds in?  It is easy, easy!  

You can use toilet paper or paper towel cores.  Just cut them to the length you like.  You can either cut the ends and foldover the tabs to make a bottom or my preferred method is to just take old newspaper and put into the core, making a biodegradable bottom.

You can also use the core for a pattern to wrap newspaper around and make your pot out of just the newspaper!

A couple of ideas of reusing something you would throw away.

Another idea I ran across this year is to use the stalks of mammoth sunflowers.  Save the dried stalks and cut into usable lengths.  You can add newspaper to the bottom to keep the soil in.  Plant the stalk with your seedling and it biodegrades in place.  Cool idea!

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