Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lowest toxic options for canning

Zero toxic canning options
Left to Right-Antique jar with integrated glass lid, modern jar with  BPA free Tattler  lid, antique Mason jar with glass lid, German all glass Weck's jar and lid, antique glass jar with lid

Thursday, December 22, 2011

I was concerned when I heard about the plastic BPA being used in almost all canned food.  I wasn’t pleased to hear that!  I loved using canned tomatoes and beans throughout the winter.  

Okay, I thought, could I do some canning?  My Granny canned during the summers I spent with her when I was little.  We were growing tomatoes in our little flower/veggie garden.  I could try growing some beans to maybe can those too.

A little more research revealed that Eden used can linings for their beans that were BPA free.  Great!  I could just focus on canning ‘mater sauce.
My handy Ball canning book revealed that tomatoes and fruits are high acid so they do not require a Pressure Canner; only a water bath was needed.  Makes it an inexpensive experiment.
I read that many canning lids also contain BPA.  So, what other options were there?  I found these glass lids in an antique store.  I also bought the jars with the wire closure.  All I needed now were the rubber seals and some directions!
I searched the web to see if I could find any instructions on how to use old fashioned canning jars.  No luck.  Then I went to Amazon to see if there were any books on it.  I found a 1946 pamphlet “Steamliner Pressure Cooker-Instructions for Cooking and Canning.”  Success!  It was great fun browsing the pamphlet.  It was also very thorough in its instructions on how to use the old fashioned canning jars.
I went on line and ordered a variety of seals, sticking with ones that were not made in China and were natural rubber.  I wasn’t able to find any that fit well with my cool, old fashioned jars.  I also learned that the glass lids needed very tall rings.  The modern ones were too short to close properly.
Back to square 1!
Then, I ran across an advertisement for these beautiful glass jar with glass lid made in Germany-Weck’s (it is the second from the right in the pic).  Finally, a non-toxic jar!
Later I discovered a plastic lid that is also BPA free that can be used with modern jars made by Tattler, made in the USA since 1976.  I haven’t tried them yet, but I have them!
I was able to can a few using the old fashioned jars.  The Weck’s work very well.  Easy to use, easy to know that the seal is good, and beautiful to look at.  I highly recommend them.
All you really need when canning high acid foods is a tall stock pot with lid, a jar lifter, a stainless steel spoon, a towel to put the hot jars on, and your canning jars.

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