Saturday, April 22, 2017

Make your own all natural, complete fertilizer

Saturday, April 22, 2017

It is time to start planning for getting your garden beds in shape for the growing season.  Applying your soil food now will allow the nutrients to trickle down into the soil to be ready to support your garden plants growth this spring.

To get a specialized recipe for your specific soil needs, you can get a soil test at your local co-op extension office.  Many times this is free of charge for the basic test.  If you want a more in-depth analysis, there are labs you can mail your soil sample to like Logan Labs  Once you get the results, you can input the results on the web page to get your garden’s nutrient recipe.  

When your plants are fed minerals, the veggie are too.
The next step in garden production and your nutrition-soil minerals

If don’t have the time or funds to get specialized analysis and recipe for your soil, you can make your own balanced, all natural, organic fertilizer and nutrient soil re-charge.  This recipe gives you enough organic fertilizer and minerals for 100 square feet:
3 quarts of any oilseed meal or 1.5 quarts of feather meal or fishmeal
Or can do a combo of the above.  2 quarts of oilseed meal, 1 pint of feather meal and 1 pint of fishmeal to get the most variety of nutrients
1 quart soft of collodial rock phosphate
1 quart kelp meal or 1 pint Azomite.  Azomite is a great source of micronutrients
1 quart agricultural gypsum
1/3 cup potassium sulfate
1 teaspoon laundry borax
1.5 teaspoons zinc sulfate
2 teaspoons manganese sulfate
1 teaspoon copper sulfate

I checked on line and could get everything in this recipe on amazon.

Steve Solomon, Territorial Seed Company founder, developed this recipe and calls it the “Complete Organic Fertilizer” (COF).  It is more than just the normal NPK and adds minerals and other nutrients your plants need to be their strongest.  Strong, healthy plants provide more food that is more nutrient dense.  Your plants are what they eat, too!

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