Sunday, March 15, 2015

Quick tip-Grow Up!

Dwarf tomato tied to a stake
Sunday, March 15, 2015

If you have a horizontally challenged space for gardening, start growing up!  Utilize the vertical space you do have to get more from your garden this year.

There are so many varieties of veggies and fruit available today.  For instance, peas, beans, melons, cantaloup, tomatoes, squash, and cucumbers all come in either bush or vine.  For vertical gardening, look for the vining types.  

You can use any type of support for your plants to grow up on.  A simple wooden stake, a pretty colored corkscrew stake, a decorative arbor, all will work.  Use tomato cages to grow peas and beans!  Whatever you can use to grow something in, you can use to grow something on.
Black trellis on left, yellow tomato cage on right

If your vine will grow higher than the support, just snip off the end when it grows as tall as you want it to.

Supports work in the garden as well as in pots.  I love those brightly colored corkscrew stakes for my pots!

Get more from your garden space this year by growing up!

2 stakes with mesh in between


  1. Are you going organic? If you are, that's great! If you are like me, I am concerned about the amount of chemicals used and the fact that most produce are GMOs. I decided to grow my own vegetables since it’s too expensive to buy organic – plus it’s fresher. When staking plants, I use garden stakes that are pointed on one end and steel-capped on the other. Flat types are difficult to stake into the ground.

  2. Yes, I garden organically. I agree on not wanting to add chemicals to the garden and what we eat! GMO's are bred specifically to withstand large amounts of herbicides and pesticides, both of which are designed to kill living things. Logically, I can't see how it can be good to eat something coated with chemicals like that.