Saturday, January 10, 2015

Gardening by the phase of the Moon

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Man and woman has gardened by the moon for eons.  The long term forecasts in almanacs are based on the stars and the moon and is 70% accurate a year out.  The interactions of the earth and the heavens together is magical.

The moon goes through an entire cycle every 28 days.  The two weeks from the full moon to the new moon is called “waning period.”  The two weeks from the new moon to the full moon is called the “waxing period.”  The waxing period is when the moon is strong and productive while the waning period the moon is in its regenerative phase.

In general:    
    New moon to full moon:
    Apply fertilizer, plant seeds, place transplants, harvest fruits, graft plants
Full moon to new moon:

    Prune, kill weeds, and turn soil

The moon is increasing in strength from the new moon to full moon cycle.  This is when its pull causes high tides and the water table to rise.  Low tide occurs during the waning phase of the moon when its pull is the lowest.  

You can then get into the more specific signs that the moon is passing through in each of the waning and waxing cycles to optimize the lunar influence on your garden:
    First quarter of new moon to full moon
    Plant above ground crops with seeds on the outside, like flowers, lettuce, spinach, cabbage
    Second quarter of new moon to full moon
    Plant aboveground crops with seeds on the inside like peas, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant
    Third quarter of the moon (week after full moon)
    Plant below ground plants (carrots, beets, hostas, potatoes) and sow your lawn.
    Third and fourth quarter of the moon (from full moon to new moon)
    Harvest.  Cultivate your garden.  Kill weeds.  Destroy pests.  Mow.

In an almanac, the last column shows the "age" of the moon.  This is in days and starts at 0 with the new moon.

There are many almanacs out there that can purchased and there are several apps that can be downloaded that give even more details as well as that long term forecast.  My granny always used the almanac and I try to for the big impact tasks like planting.  The app I use is "Vital" along with "The Old Farmer's Almanac" publication.

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