Saturday, June 14, 2014

June planting calendar

Saturday, June 14, 2014

June is a perfect month to plant summer vegetables.  Warm season veggies like tomatoes, eggplant, squash, melons, peppers, and basil just love summer.  Don’t worry that you didn’t get these sun lovers in on Mother’s Day.  They will make up for lost time!

Here is a list of all the veggies that you can start this month:
Any Mediterranean herb-basil, thyme, oregano, chives, rosemary, sage
Bush beans or peas (I like growing snow peas so you can eat pod and all)
Corn (with corn you only get one or two ears per plant)
Cucumbers-bush or vining types
Greens-Chard, leaf lettuce (wait until end of July to resow headed lettuce for fall), mustard, collard greens, and spinach.  Give them a cool spot with afternoon shade for longest lasting before bolting.
Onions (my favorite is Egyptian walking onions, a perennial that loves to be in a pot or the ground)
Any in the nightshade family-eggplant, peppers, tomatoes
Root crops-beets, carrots, radishes, turnips (be sure to harvest young to get the best flavor in warm months)
Squash-zucchini, butternut, pumpkins
Sweet potatoes if you have a long growing season.

Watermelons-there are even types for pots or small spaces

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